Collection: Ginto Barong Collection

The Barong Collection we have here is dedicated to our Grand Father Macario Evangelista who is a Barong creator around 1950's .

During his time, he was producing Barong's to several clients in Manila , he also made Barong's for Farmers who couldn't afford it, Farmers would trade their crops of rice in exchange. 

1960 he died in a tragic jeep accident while traveling with his family that cause an end to his business. 

In honor of our Grand Parents we dedicate this collection to continue and cultivate their dreams that once fueled their passion to live and do their best. 

Oral tradition might say that barong's once made to prevent concealing Knife and Bolo's that could be hiding under the clothes of the people during the Spanish times.

It also created a sense of pride to present ourselves to the world regardless of our status in life.

The Barong's that we make is an evolution, made with new technology polyester printing cut and sew , although its not as delicate as a Pina cloth fiber embroidered design, it still carries the sense of pride of a real Barong.