"SIKLAB NG DIWA" Araw ng Patay Virtual Gallery 2022

Is that time again to showcase our creative offerings for our Ancestors, Family and Love ones Specially the ones who had transition and resides in the afterlife. This years Virtual Gallery is fueled with fire. "Siklab ng Diwa" From solar and electric pyrography, sculptures and digital 3D rendering, this years Araw ng Patay "Siklab ng Diwa" is a collection of art pieces created in relation with Fire. Siklab ng Diwa / Spark of the Soul are intentional offerings for the celebration of @_halikha_ Araw ng Patay 2022.

Special feature artist Iya Regalario www.iyaregalario.com

Other works by Nicanor Evangelista & Diyan Valencia

Special thanks to Jun Tiangco, Ramesh Balgos & Neil Belen Laban studios

In everyday life to special occasions, there was paganito or pagdidiwata- primarily reverence & rituals of especially the older generations & indigenous communities to honor ancestors and deities such as nature spirits. Over time depending on who shared the stories & their intentions of controlling beliefs & communities, ancestor reverence and the ancient deities, diwatas & anitos become demonized and reduced to negative connotations of things "pagan, " "savage," "evil" or of "the devil." The diwatas & ancestor anitos were replaced / hidden with worshiping saints, Virgin marys and one god. Honoring our deceased ancestors & paying respects to spirit continue today with practices such as Araw ng Patay, Undas, Kalag Kalag & more. Check out the art offerings Halikha 2022 Araw ng Patay: Siklab ng Diwa Virtual Exhibition opening midnight Nov 1st.

In conjunction with this virtual gallery exhibition- Also stay tuned for upcoming special Araw Ng Patay Video Showcase Offering featuring more in-depth details throughout November starting November 1st midnight.