Araw ng Patay Virtual Gallery 2021



Halikha presents Araw Ng Patay 2021 Virtual Exhibition.

It’s the auspicious season & time to celebrate ancestors and loved ones that have passed away. From the Ofrenda, Dia de los Muertos, Undas to Araw ng Patay, across many cultures there are many ceremonies & seasons~  special times of community rituals honoring the ancestors. We invite you to join us at virtual Halikha gallery to communally celebrate in ceremony & ritual our grievances & memories of the life & death of our loved ones in the afterlife. We hope that this virtual collaboration of Halikha Araw ng Patay 2021 inspires you to create your own offerings for your ancestors in your own homes & families. Build an altar for your ancestors & guides. Offer your prayers & gifts of gratitude through your own creativity. From the diaspora to the homeland, thanks to our collaborating artists of Araw ng Patay 2021 Halikha Virtual Exhibition.