#FAHM2021: Araw Ng Patay Halikha Virtual Gallery, Bulalayaw Village w/ Mamerto & Journey To Ifugao Documentary

#FAHM2021: Araw Ng Patay Halikha Virtual Gallery, Bulalayaw Village w/ Mamerto & Journey To Ifugao Documentary

It's #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth and #BuwanNgKatutubongPilipino. GINTOSEEDS shares new community collaborations & releases for this special heritage month.

Araw Ng Patay 2021 Halikha Virtual Exhibition

Halikha presents Araw Ng Patay 2021 Virtual Exhibition. This cyber gallery is NOW VIEWable online at www.gintoseeds.com
It’s the auspicious season & time to celebrate ancestors and loved ones that have passed away From the Ofrenda, Dia de los Muertos, Undas to Araw ng Patay, across many cultures there are many ceremonies & seasons~ special times of community rituals honoring the ancestors. We invite you to join us at the virtual Halikha gallery to communally celebrate in ceremony & ritual our grievances & memories of the life & death of our loved ones in the afterlife. We hope that this virtual collaboration inspires you to create your own offerings for your ancestors in your own homes & families. Build an altar for your ancestors & guides. Offer your prayers & gifts of gratitude through your own creativity. From the diaspora to the homeland, thanks to our collaborating artists of Araw ng Patay 2021 Halikha Virtual Exhibition: Chris Lipat, Robert "RJ" Sison, John DeCastro, Bangsilog, Teo Morondos, Nica Aquino, Melissa Barayang and Tan Mutia Edmilao, Nonie Cruzado, Tree Art, Annea Umayam, Alex J. Cabalu, Gloria Gem Sanchez, Andrius Alvarez-Backus, Ryan Jay Agsawa / Diwatero, Iris Boncales-Strauss, Diyan Valencia, FranzDG, Nicanor Evangelista Jr., Jonathan Cena & Jean Sioson. 
For best experience, please use computer or laptop to VIEW & navigate the Araw ng Patay 2021 Halikha Virtual Gallery at www.gintoseeds.com
In conjunction with this virtual gallery exhibition- Also stay tuned for upcoming special Araw Ng Patay Video Showcase Offering featuring more artists. It premieres on Nov.2nd on Kultura Films youtube channel hosted by dope MC Soultree. More details coming soon!

Bulalayaw Rainbow Bridge Village with Mamerto Tindongan

Its #BuwanNgKatutubongPilipino & #FilipinoAmericanHistoryMonth & recently #IndigenousPeoplesDay. We want to highlight & connect yall directly to the Indi-genius, Ifugao, FilAm, elder, teacher, mumbaki, shaman, artist & builder~ Manong Mamerto Tindongan. The Ifugao Healing Hut that he first started in Ohio, now resides in Santa Fe, NM at the Bulalayaw Rainbow Bridge Village~ “an intentional space to support the connection of filipin@s in the diaspora and anyone searching for cultural reintegration, ancestral remembrance, art and healing.”  For those seeking a special container & community- please connect, visit &/or help build and support the Bulalayaw Rainbow Bridge Village with Manong Mamerto. For more info please visit: https://www.rainbowbridgevillage.org.

Journey to Ifugao Documentary

Especially in this special heritage month, many fellow diasporic kapwa have been in deep reflection uncovering their paths to reconnecting back to their roots even if its been tangled, uprooted and dismembered. There are many different elders like Mamerto & kapwa / community that can welcome you & help support. From Banaue, now to Santa Fe-- To see what that exploration & community looks like you can now view Kultura Films full documentary “JOURNEY TO IFUGAO” available on Kultura Films youtube channel here.

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