Serpent capiz w/amethyst nagabuwaya

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Serpent symbol of transformation & healing. AnceStars& moon goddess guiding you wherever journey you go. Naga buwaya.

These sun-burned bamboo beads/ wooden pieces of ancient sacred geometric patterns are sun etched affirmations & activations that aim to co-power the holder within themselves & their connection to their ancestors. Infused in the beading are capiz shell & amethyst stone. Follow their works on instagram: @BukoBomba

NOTE: With the nature of sun-engraving in this process of creating these jewelry-Due to autumn /winter season of rains, wildfires- orders may take up to 2-3 weeks to make according to permissible clear sky conditions. 

The creation of solar sun-burned pendants / amulets / earrings / so(u)lar agimats: Upcycled bamboo wooden beads are solar burned using the energy of the Sun. Designs are a variety of custom made invocations, affirmations, prayers, power, and soular love vibrations in the form of ancient pre-filipino script called baybayin (tagalog), kulitan (kapampagan), and basahan (bikolano). Each piece is unique, burned and activated with the highest vibrations and best intentions. 

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