lingo likha

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in these solar burned creations i channel from above, i like to create a series where dots represent your family, friends, ancestors always interconnected to you in various ways, lines, formations, dimensions. the lines are interconnected hands of the ancestors also form linglingo like pattern blessing births of what we wish to manifest, abundance & growth for what we seek especially when we are held by all, kapwa, & ancestors seen & unseen.  Infused in the beading are cowrie shell & amethyst jem stones.

these sun-burned bamboo beads are diwa ink so(u)lar powered transmissions harnessed by the ancestral sun and the cosmos. ancient script are sun-etched affirmations & activations that aim to co-power the holder within themselves & their connection to ninuno. new solar agimats infused with gems & stones- tigers eye, citrine, amythest, turquoise, dragons blood Follow their works on instagram: @BukoBomba

The creation of solar sun-burned pendants / amulets / earrings / so(u)lar agimats: Upcycled bamboo wooden beads are solar burned using the energy of the Sun. Designs are a variety of custom made invocations, affirmations, prayers, power, and soular love vibrations. Each piece is unique, burned and activated with the highest vibrations and best intentions.

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