bahala na/ lakas loob

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Bahala Na/ Bathala Na  (ancient saying: leave it to the creator/ the will to go to the unknown with the guidance of the great creator & ancestors behind your back)

Lakas Loob (inner strength)

These sun-burned bamboo beads/ wooden pieces of ancient script (baybayin tagalog & basahan bikol) & sacred geometric patterns are sun etched affirmations & activations that aim to co-power the holder within themselves & their connection to their ancestors. Infused in the beading are cowrie shell & chrysocolla jem stone. Follow their works on instagram: @BukoBomba

The creation of solar sun-burned pendants / amulets / earrings / so(u)lar agimats: Upcycled bamboo wooden beads are solar burned using the energy of the Sun. Designs are a variety of custom made invocations, affirmations, prayers, power, and soular love vibrations in the form of ancient pre-filipino script called baybayin (tagalog), kulitan (kapampagan), and basahan (bikolano). Each piece is unique, burned and activated with the highest vibrations and best intentions.

Here are some words we have already solar burned/activated and ready to be customized for you. If you are interested in a word or phrase not listed, we can make it for you by request.

BAYBAYIN - ancient prefilipino script

Astig - badass, cool

Bahala na - leave it to Creator

Binhi - seed

Bukas puso - open heart

Diwang malaya - free spirit

Diwata - goddess

Ganda - beauty

Kapwa - myself in the other

Kagandahan sa loob - inner beauty

Kalikasan ipaglaban - fight for Mother Earth

Lakas - strength

Lakas loob - inner strength

Likha - create, creation

Mabuhay Ka - may you live/ manifest/ come to life

Makibaka wag matakot

Mandirigma - warrior

Masakit na masarap - painfully delicious

Matalino - smart

Musika - music

Musikero - musician

Pagibig - love

Pakiramdam - feeling, intuition

Tagumpay o matay - victory or death (Heneral Luna inspired)

Tamis anghang - sweet spicy

Tubo - grow

KULITAN - ancient Kapampangan script

Biní - seed

Bulan - moon

Kaluguran - beloved

Lugud - love

Maliari - moon / to happen

Malagu - beautiful

Masanting - good looking

Matapang - brave

BIKOL BASAHAN - ancient Bikolano script

Magayon - beautiful

Makusog - strong

Oragon - multiple meanings only Bikolanos know

LINGLINGO - symbol of fertility, abundance

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